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Ways to Get Amazon for Free

There are lots of great ways to get amazon for free. The different methods include doing stuff like surveys and watching videos. People also earn free amazon by visiting websites, signing up for newsletters and performing other easy online tasks from your computer or mobile device. These sites have been around as long as amazon has been around. The main thing you need to know first is that not all of these sites are good, some are even scams, I been using these sites since 2008, I know what sites are best.

Best Sites For Earning Free Amazon

The first site I highly recommend for you to use is called instaGC.com it launched in 2011, since then it has paid out thousands of amazon gift codes. This site is great for people who are new to using Rewards Sites. They have guides and great support from staff. It’s easy to join, just click the banner below, it’s totally free.

The next site I want to mention is called PocketMoneyGPT.com, it launched in 2012. You can get amazon gift codes instantly. They have surveys and videos as well as advertiser offers and other stuff you can do to get free amazon gift codes.The main countries using this site are USA, UK, Canada and Australia. But they do offer membership to most other countries as well.

Tips And Tricks

  • Make new emails for offers, make a few everyday to use on offers, make a list of them and use them for offers again later
  • Try CrowdFlower, if you like it, it can be a great way to earn you can find it at instaGC.com
  • Daily Surveys = Daily Money, most of the top earners always do the daily surveys
  • Some offers reset at Midnight EST so right after 12am is the perfect time to get more offers completed and credited
  • Clean cookies between offers
  • Use Firefox or Chrome
  • Use your smart phone or tablet to get special offers like trying new Apps

Getting amazon gift codes for free has never been easier, if you use the sites I suggest and spend a little time doing these offers, you can really save up money in your amazon balance, many people just like you are able to completely cover the costs of everyone’s Christmas presents just by using these sites a little everyday. Thanks for stopping by and good luck 🙂

Using GPT Rewards Sites to get stuff free on amazon

Today’s post is about using GPT rewards sites to get stuff on amazon for free. This is something I have been doing for years and I have got so much stuff on amazon for free. You can use these sites in different ways to earn, some people love Surveys, they usually pay over $1 each and some even pay a lot more, many of them will want to invite you into a special focus group where you can earn $20+ for an hour of your time. Other people like to get free stuff on amazon by watching videos, you just let the videos play and it gains points passively all day or night. Also people like to use their smart phones to get stuff for free on amazon, they do this by trying out new apps.

There are many sites thaty you can join for free that have amazon codes as rewards, they arent created equal, one site stands out from all the others and that site is instaGC.com it is the best site to get amazon for free. They have amazon codes available for USA, UK and Canada.