Monthly Archive: June 2017

Using GPT Rewards Sites to get stuff free on amazon

Today’s post is about using GPT rewards sites to get stuff on amazon for free. This is something I have been doing for years and I have got so much stuff on amazon for free. You can use these sites in different ways to earn, some people love Surveys, they usually pay over $1 each and some even pay a lot more, many of them will want to invite you into a special focus group where you can earn $20+ for an hour of your time. Other people like to get free stuff on amazon by watching videos, you just let the videos play and it gains points passively all day or night. Also people like to use their smart phones to get stuff for free on amazon, they do this by trying out new apps.

There are many sites thaty you can join for free that have amazon codes as rewards, they arent created equal, one site stands out from all the others and that site is it is the best site to get amazon for free. They have amazon codes available for USA, UK and Canada.